COMPANY POLICIES :These policies stated below are the company policies in which all buyers agreed to at the time of purchase. By completing this purchase the buyer has stated to the company that they have read and agreed and will abide to the stated policies. Buyer acknowledges they have entered into a legal and binding contract with company.

ADVERTISEMENT: Information and pictures being displayed on website are for the sole purpose of advertisement only. At no time must the buyer assume, the picture of item advertised it the actual item being sent to buyer. As stated above, the company reserves the right to send OEM or similar like item to buyer as long as its compatible with the manufacturers specifications. Buyer is responsible for reading the entire advertisement prior to purchase. Once the order has been placed by the buyer, they assume all liability in regards to compatibility and other factors. Company reserves the right without notice to the customer.

COMMUNICATION : The buyer understands they must contact our company via the support site provided by company. The buyer is not to use any other contact method other than the support link provided by the company. The support site information will be given to the buyer shortly after the completion of the checkout process. There will be a link in each email sent to email address which has been provided by the buyer on the checkout process. Buyer understands they must contact our company with any questions via this support link only and by no other means. Buyer understands they are responsible for the receipt of these emails at the email address which has been provided to company by them. The buyer is responsible to ensure they have a valid email address and checking any type of spam filter software or any other application or methods which prevent the transmission of any information by our company. 

The buyer will receive all the necessary purchase information from our company, no later than five business days from the date of purchase.

CUSTOMER CONDUCT: We reserve the right to void all warranties and communication with any customer who conducts themselves in a less then professional manner when communicating with our company. Buyer’s who  initiate any type chargeback/financial dispute of any kind, use of vulgar language whether in the form of verbal or written communication, any action which is deemed less then professional in nature, the customer will be in violation of our Buyer Conduct Policy.  Company reserves the right to pursue legal action in the event of any type of mail order fraud or threats being placed to buyer to any employee of company.

INTERNATIONAL: All international bidders are responsible for any fees regarding customs charges and/or duty fees associated with the shipment of products to their destination.

ITEM CONDITION: Unless otherwise stated all items purchased are system pulls from previous working systems. All items which are advertised as new will have the product condition in the product title or placed in our new equipment category. All classification of product condition are stated in our company policies, placed in their respective categories, and are clearly labeled on our website. Company reserves the right to use OEM or similar like products to for fill order requests. The only time a return will be authorized for replacement is when the item is clearly not compatible with the computing system of the buyer. Company reserves the right at any time to use OEM or sent buyer similar like items as long as they are fully compatible with the buyer's computing environment. Unless otherwise stated, items do not include drivers, manuals, or any other accessories.

LEGAL AGREEMENT : All buyer’s who have completed the checkout process have stated to our company that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. These terms and conditions are the sole terms in which our company is willing to sell any items advertised on this site to the buyer. By completing the entire checkout process, the buyer fully understands that they have entered into a legal and binding agreement with company. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to fully read and understand the terms and conditions stated on this page. If the buyer does not agree with any part of this agreement, they are to cease the checkout process, and purchase the item elsewhere. The terms and conditions stated on the page will be the decision company makes since the terms and conditions of the sale are based on this document. This is not limited to warranty, return exchanges for defective items, shipment procedures and any other decisions.

ORDER INFORMATION PLACED BY BUYER : The information supplied by buyer during the purchase is understood to be truthful in nature. The buyer acknowledges all information given to company by buyer form purchase, is valid in nature. The buyer also acknowledges all shipment addresses, contact information and other information is up to date. The buyer will be responsible for any incorrect information placed on the sales order.

All communication between buyer and company is based on the customer’s email address. The buyer assumes all liability to ensure the email address placed by the buyer up until the delivery of the item, is valid, accessible by the buyer, and is not restricted by any other type of third party entity such as spam filters or antivirus programs.

PAYMENTS: A cleared payment is when the payment service used by the buyer has successfully deposited the funds into the seller’s bank account. It may appear to the buyer the payment was successful, but that only means the payment service has successfully charged the buyer’s credit card, it does not mean the seller is paid for the item. The funds are in a pending status until the funds are deposited into the bank account of the seller. Then and only then is the seller paid for the item, not before.

RETURNS: Any return of merchandise which does not have an RMA from our company will be subject to a thirty five percent stocking fee. In addition, the buyer will forfeit any shipping & handling fees associated with the purchase. The company reserves the right to refuse any packages at any time without prior knowledge to the buyer. Any buyer who refuses an item or if the item is returned back to company, for any reason other than a defective exchange once an RMA has been given to the customer by our company, will be subject to the fees stated above.

SHIPMENTS: All shipments will be shipped to the confirmed address which has been provided by the payment service that was used to pay for the item upon full clearance of funds from payment service to seller. For security reasons, we will not ship to any unconfirmed address or to any other address requested except that of the confirmed address provided by the payment service. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure their account has updated and accurate information. Buyer will be responsible for any shipment charges in the event the item is returned to company due to items being undeliverable due to incorrect addresses, the buyer has moved, or any other information which the buyer inaccurately entered on this website. Once again we will not ship to alternate addresses or to a new address location with billing information that does not match the shipment address of the product. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure all billing information is accurate and up to date.

All buyers are responsible to be present at time of delivery. In the event the package is returned, unclaimed or refused by the buyer, the buyer will be subjected to a thirty five restocking fee of the product price in addition to the loss of the shipping & handling fees. Company has shipped the item to the specified address provided by the buyer and will be held harmless in the event the buyer has placed false or misleading information at checkout.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: We are not responsible for any claims made by our company or the manufacturer of the product with a customers computing environment. All customers are responsible for contacting the manufacturer in determining performance, compatibility, and the over all affect of installing such item in the customer’s computing environment. We are not responsible for any data loss or any other damage which result from the installation of the item into the customer’s systems. We do not provide technical support for any item sold by our company. Customer must be either knowledgeable or seek a professional which can properly install any device sold by our company to the customer. Seller is not responsible for any data loss; damage to the buyer’s computing surroundings. Buyer will assume all liability for purchasing an item based on the information they collected in making the decision. The warranty policy is not covered based on this issue. All products must be installed by a qualified technician who is in the computer field. In the terms of any device/hardware which requires the buyer to open their computing system, the warranty will cover only defective DOA upon arrival. Warranty will be immediately voided if the buyer attempts to install any device into their computing system which they are not qualified to handle.

TERMS OF SALE: All sales regarding purchases from this site are final. There will be no refunds of any kind once the buyer completes the checkout process. The buyer clearly understands company will ignore any requests of order cancellations made by the buyer. Buyer agrees by completing the checkout process, the sale becomes finalized. Shipping charges under any circumstances are non refundable. Any buyer returning an item without an RMA number or contacting us, we reserve the right to initiate a thirty five percent restocking fee.

TRANSIT TIMES :  Shipment times of products vary depending upon the courier, weather conditions, weekend and holidays, and any other unforeseen circumstances. The official shipment time of any product by company is four to six weeks from the purchase date of the product. If company states an estimated shipment date, the buyer clearly knows that this is only an estimate and is not to be assumed as the actual shipment or receipt of the product.

TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS & MISPRINTS : We are not responsible for any typographical errors or misprints. Buyer is to conduct their own research in regards to system compatibility with their computing environment. As stated, information on this site are for advertisement purposes only and does not necessary state the products technical compatibility or functional performance with any type of computing environment. Buyer is to contact the manufacturer directly regarding these matters.

WARRANTY: All items will have a 7 calendar day DOA (Defective Item Exchange) exchange beginning from the confirmed delivery date of the customer’s confirmed address. Customer will have this time to contact company, via our support site, with any to any defects, other then compatibility issues, with the product. After this warranty period has expired, buyer will assume any and all liability on the product.

Warranty does not cover compatibility issues, misuse of product, tampering, or any other issues, other than product arriving defective at arrival. If package is lost due to courier, there is a wait time before a claim can be filed for a lost package time. If any product is defective, an RMA number and a courier damage claim form will be sent to the customer. These documents must be completed and enclosed with the defective item prior to any exchange taking place. This RMA number must be clearly displayed on the outside of the package and must be returned no later then 5 days of the issue date of the RMA number to the customer. All materials, such as cables, documentation, software, must be enclosed with the return of the item. The item must be professional packaged upon its return back to our company. We reserve there right to refuse any package which has not been properly packaged, contains no RMA number displayed on the package’s exterior, any documents have not been enclosed or not completed correctly, tampering or medication of the item, if buyer acts in a less then professional manner, or if it has been received after the 5 calendar day due date. Customer is responsible for monitoring the package, all shipping charges for returning the item back to our company. If product is found to be in working order, company reserves the right to either return the package back to the buyer or impose a forty percent restocking fee due to warranty claims not being stated accurately by the buyer. We do not reimburse for shipping charges for items. RMA exchanges will only take place once the defective item is received and analyzed by our support department. Any buyer who does not obtain a RMA number, fails to follow our warranty procedures, will have their item immediately refused.

All hardware purchased from this site which require the physical opening of the computing system (other than laptop batteries), must be performed by a licensed technician. Buyer’s who initiate claims of defective merchandise, company will require a written statement from the independent third party technician. Buyer understands company may contact technician in regards of this issue. Any buyers who perform this installation who are not technically licensed will have the stated warranty voided. Buyer’s who are technically licensed to perform such system upgrades or repairs, company may ask for certification of qualification to honor warranty coverage.

DISCLAIMER : By completing the checkout process at our website, the buyer is legally bound by the terms and conditions stated on this website. Buyer has no legal barring to change such policies which they have agreed to. If any buyer does not agree with the terms & conditions of our company, we strongly recommend the buyer purchase the item elsewhere.

Company policies are subject to change without notice. Buyer agrees to these policies and the warranty information enclosed in this document upon time of purchase. Policies are available at any time, prior and after purchase of item. Information is sent to each and every buyer via their registered email address as well as in hard copy form. Buyer assumes any and all liability in knowing our company policies at all times.